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JAMboree Studio

Young children will have fun with hip new arrangements of traditional children's songs with Kevin & Tanishia along with the musical resource "Groove Kid Nation". Children will also learn hand-eye coordination, collaboration skills, ABCs, and 123s all in a clean, safe, and mentally stimulating environment. During this 8 week schedule, local celebrities will stop in as Professional Music Collaborators to introduce children to real musical instruments. Parents and/or caregivers are encouraged to participate!

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Open JAM Session

Elementary age children can be opened to the element of the sensory world of music by exploring the variety of sounds  in a professional recording studio. As an accomplished teacher and performer, Kevin Hamilton will give children the musical direction they need to have fun and JAM in a band! Limited take home instruments are provided for practice.

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The Launch Pad

GYDP believes that the "Tween" period of youth development is the most crucial time in a kid's academic, social, and future professional life. “The Launch Pad” uses fun, hip music to teach kids subjects of academia and helps them decide the answer to that age old question . . . "What do you want to do when you grow up?" Using musical pedagogy to teach programs in Arts & Media, Journalism, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, & Math), Law, Business & Finance, and Health & Nutrition, our kids get the much needed opportunity to learn of all the tools they might utilize to be successful in life!

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Multi-Media Projects

Designed to utilize every skill and talent young people have, Multi-Media Projects help youth develop critical thinking skills to complete film documentaries, CD projects, and concert productions along with professional producers and musicians. These Multi-Media Projects have motivated youth and increased their ability to read, write, solve problems, and create. Our previous participants have collaborated with Grammy nominated songwriter and producer Jack Knight of "Making of the Band 4" and other notable professionals. As a result, our youth were motivated to complete "The Process", GYDP's first youth-produced CD.

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Gospel Choir of Tucson

The “Electrifying” Gospel Choir of Tucson seeks to provide an enriching experience for boys to learn and perform music in a choir, small ensembles, through solo singing and dance routines. Young boys ages 8 - 14 years of age will learn the traditions of Gospel music and have fun singing popular songs that uplift, inspire, and entertain audiences of every background. Members of the Gospel Choir of Tucson will enjoy performing in local events in Tucson and surrounding Southern Arizona cities, and will also perform in an Annual Concert in San Diego, California with a trip to Sea World.

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Open JAM Session
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